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  1. MYPROTEIN Protein Pancake Mix (1kg)

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €21.49

    Protein Pancake Mix is a ready-to-make high protein snack containing a remarkable 34g of protein per serving (1 ½ scoops). The protein content is derived from a trio of whey, milk and egg proteins, providing your body with a mixture of fast and slow acting nutrients. Learn More
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  3. MYPROTEIN Instant Oats 1kg

    Regular Price: €4.99

    Special Price €3.99

    Our Instant Oats are Scottish Oats, which have been milled down to an ultrafine powder ready to be mixed with your preferred amount of water or milk. Each serving of Instant Oats (100g) has a remarkable nutritional profile, targeting all of your carbohydrate, fat and protein requirements. Learn More
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  5. MYPROTEIN My Spaghetti 6 x100g (Spaghetti shapes made from Konjac flour)

    Regular Price: €8.99

    Special Price €7.89

    My Spaghetti is perfect for anyone looking to keep their carbohydrate intake low. Unlike normal pasta, My Spaghetti contains zero sugar and less than 0.1g of fat. At only 7 calories per serving they are a great addition for anyone looking to lose weight. Furthermore, My Spaghetti is made from Konjac, a water soluble fibre scientifically proven to reduce body weight. A My Spaghetti serving also provides 3.5g of quality fibre. My Spaghetti is a brilliant addition for anyone who is looking to lose weight, without having to drastically alter their eating habits. Learn More
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  7. MyProtein, Protein Mug Cake - 500g

    Regular Price: €15.99

    Special Price €11.99

    MyProtein, Protein Mug Cake - 500g What is a Protein Mug Cake? We’ve really brought you something special with our Protein Mug Cake! This is a delicious high protein treat that’s available in four fantastic flavours and can be made in under a minute. Our Protein Mug Cake packs in a market leading 25g protein per serving from Whey Protein, Micellar Casein and Egg White Protein along with some slow release carbohydrates from oats and fibre from Inulin. This makes it an ideal substitution for unhealthy snack items and a nice quick pick-me-up for those of us who live busy lifestyles. Learn More
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