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  1. Sun Warrior Protein Raw Vegan 1KG sunwarrior

    Regular Price: €54.99

    Special Price €39.99

    At 85% protein, Sun Warrior has the highest (non-soy) raw whole grain sprouted vegan protein content on the market. Great tasting with a silky smooth texture. Contains all 9 essential and non-essential amino acis in a perfectly balanced Amino Acid Profile. Learn More
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  3. Sun warrior Classic Plus Organic 1kg (Yellow Tub)

    Regular Price: €49.99

    Special Price €39.99

    Organic Certified Classic Plus builds on Sunwarriors original rice protein by adding in the amino acid balancing effects of peas, chia seeds, quinoa, and amaranth. This superfood combination still relies heavily on the gentle nature of whole-grain brown rice, but with a hefty dose of the strength that has made Warrior Blend so popular. Raw, plant-based, and powerful, Classic Plus gives you that little extra you want and need. You will love the way it tastes, but how it makes you feel is really why we call it Plus. classicplus-icons Learn More
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  5. MyProtein Soy Protein Isolate 1kg

    Regular Price: €22.99

    Special Price €18.95

    What is Soy Protein Isolate? Soy Protein Isolate is made from 100% NON-GMO defatted soy beans suing a stringent process which removes a vast majority of the fat and carbohydrate content. The resulting product yields over 90% protein content with minimal fat and carbohydrate, whilst being completely free of lactose. Soy Protein Isolate is the boasts a comprehensive amino acid profile - including 6.6g Leucine per 100g. Learn More
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  7. MyProtein Hemp Protein - 1KG

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €26.99

    MyProtein Hemp Protein - 1KG Hemp Protein is an excellent source of protein derived from whole raw hemp seed. Hemp Protein contains a comprehensive amino acid blend and is packed with live enzymes, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), vitamins and minerals. Hemp Seeds are rich in essential nutrients including chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, phytosterols, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, calcium, fibre, histidine, iron, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine. Learn More
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  9. MYProtein Vegan Superfood Blend protein shake 2.5kg

    Regular Price: €59.95

    Special Price €53.95

    Vegan Superfood Blend is Myprotein’s latest innovation, designed to offer a vibrant, plant based contribution of protein, fat, fibre and vitamins. A clean tasting shake, Vegan Superfood Blend provides the nutritional assurance that you are ready to tackle life’s everyday challenges. Incredibly convenient, this holistic vegan fusion offers 15g of protein, derived from peas and brown rice. It is also high in fibre, delivering nearly 7 grams, derived from the plant based source inulin. Learn More
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  11. Onnit Labs - Hemp Force Active ChocoMaca 400g

    Regular Price: €54.95

    Special Price €49.95

    Hemp FORCE® Active is a next generation plant based protein supplement loaded with earth grown nutrients designed to optimize an active lifestyle. The decadent chocolate flavor comes from pure cocoa and is enhanced by one of the most sought-after performance foods in the world: maca. Yielding 16 grams of plant protein from organic hemp, organic brown rice, and peas, Hemp FORCE Active contains a balanced amino acid profile and both essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) and Omega-9. Delicately sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, this low glycemic, high fiber blend makes insanely delicious smoothies and more. Learn More
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  13. USN ACTI LIFE Raw-Pro Vegan Protein 700g

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €29.99

    RAW-PRO is an ideal daily supplement for those who are seeking alternatives to casein, whey and egg proteins, especially when looking to build and maintain lean mass. Specifically developed to mimic many of the benefits of dairy proteins with a high BCAA and L-Glutamine/Glutamic Acid score, along with the high level of essential amino acids necessary to maintain good health and optimal muscle growth. Learn More
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  15. Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Raw Protein 1kg

    Regular Price: €59.99

    Special Price €39.99

    Warrior Blend Raw Protein Contains all essential and non essential amino acids More BCAAs than any other plant-based protein Learn More
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  17. Sun warrior Classic Raw Vegan Protein 500g 23 servings

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €27.99

    Sun warrior Classic Raw Vegan Protein 500g The ultimate raw, plant-based superfood protein designed for fitness and health enthusiasts. Ideal for those who want to build muscle, lose fat and increase athletic performance. Learn More
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