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  1. Mutant Madness Pre Workout 50 Servings

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €24.99

    Mutant Madness 375g Mutant Madness is the latest addition to the Mutant arsenal, engineered exclusively for high intensity workouts ONLY! Seize the pre-workout experience and be prepared to be vaulted to a whole new, extreme level of performance! This extra premium formula will jolt your senses and provide you with the ultimate pre-training acceleration! Learn More
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  3. MYPROTEIN Citrulline Malate (2:1) Unflavoured (250g) Pouch

    Regular Price: €23.99

    Special Price €19.99

    What is Citrulline Malate? Citrulline Malate is a unique combination of the amino acid citrulline and the organic salt malate. Citrulline Malate Benefits Citrulline aids in the removal of toxins such as lactic acid and ammonia, which are by-products of intense physical activity, protein metabolism and catabolic states. Learn More
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  5. BSN NO Xplode XE Edge 263g

    Regular Price: €34.95

    Special Price €29.95

    BSN NO Xplode XE Edge 263g NO.Xplode XE is the result of a global search for a unique blend of ingredients to deliver our most intense pre-workout ever. Botanicalssuch as chinese plant extract Euphoria Longana, Lindera Affregata and Rhodiola rosea have be combined with 200mg of Caffeine, 1.6g of beta Alanine, And a 1g Citrulline blend to support energy and enhance focus in 1 scoop. Learn More
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  7. Olimp Nutriton RedWeiler Pre Workout - 480g

    Regular Price: €39.99

    Special Price €34.95

    Olimp Nutrition: REDWEILER® Pre Workout Food supplement in powder with sweeteners. The product is recommended for physically active adults and professional athletes. Learn More
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  9. Vitargo - Vitargo Carboloader 2000 grams

    Regular Price: €59.99

    Special Price €49.99

    Body builders have found it massively beneficial to use Vitargo Carbloader after workouts to rapidly refuel glycogen stores and thus improve protein synthesis meaning more muscle building. Vitargo’s unique formula means that it can be digested far more quickly and easily than other inferior carbohydrates that often lead to bloating, uncomfortable stomach and cramps. Learn More

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  11. Wired Nutrition Jacked Up - Ultra Concentrated Pre Workout - 45 Servings + Free 700ml Shaker (could be any shaker depending on stock)

    Regular Price: €49.99

    Special Price €29.99

    When you're looking for amazing gains that happen quickly, you need a pre-training powder that's powerful, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, and gives you new life and energy for lifting, running and working out. That's why you need Jacked Up by Wired Nutrition. 

Jacked Up is a pre-workout energy supplement that boosts your energy and focus levels so you can reach gains you've previously only dreamed about. From huge muscle gains to intensity to speed and power, our versatile supplement gives you all the powerful benefits you need to run faster, lift more weight, and maximize your strength gains and weight loss potential. Learn More
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  13. Cobra Labs Shadow 270g

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €34.99

    What is Shadow-x? This is a pre-workout designed to maximise your power to the max, created for hardcore users only, be warned...Just 1 scoop of this potent pre-workout formula will dhunt you into a workout zone unlike anything you have ever experienced. Learn More
  14. 22% Off
  15. Cellucore C4 RIPPED 30 Serving

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €34.99

    If your looking for a pre-workout with adding ingredients specific to fat loss, then Cellucor C4 Ripped is for you. All this while being Creatine free. Creatine is essential when you want to put on size. It provides energy for training and helps add mass to your physique. But when you want to cut down, it isn’t always ideal. Learn More
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  17. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Cafe Series, 10.6 oz. (300g)

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €27.99

    • Made with Real Colombian Free
    • Natural and Artificially Flavored
    • Cafe Series
    • Coffee House Style Flavor
    • Anytime Energy & Focus
    • Muscle Recovery*
    • 30 Servings
    • Dietary Supplement
    • CarnoSyn - Carnosine Synthesizer
    • Supports Anytime Energy & Muscle Recovery
    • Caffeine from Natural Sources Including Colombian Coffee Powder
    • Micronized Free Form Amino Acids For Faster Absorption
    Learn More
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  19. USN B4-BOMOB Pre Workout 300g

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €37.99

    The USN B4-Bomb is a powerful pre-workout beverage from the USN Hardcore Series. Avaliable in 2 delicious flavours, the B4-Bomb provides a premium pre-workout aimed at helping you reach new levels and break through your plateau. Learn More
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