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Protein Bars / Cookies

Protein Bars / Cookies

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  1. MYPROTEIN Protein Cookie Box (12 x 75g)

    Regular Price: €26.95

    Special Price €22.95

    Protein Cookies are a delicious baked cookie with over 50% protein content. This great tasting soft cookie provides a fantastic alternative to protein bars and shakes with over 37g of protein per 75g cookie.The high protein content of Protein Cookie will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean mass.

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  3. MYPROTEIN Skinny Protein Cookie Box (12 x 50g)

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price €15.99

    Skinny Cookies are a truly guilt-free, high protein snack, on hand to crush those cravings without dismantling your diet plan. With 80% less sugar and 70% less fat than the standard supermarket cookie, you’ll be astonished they taste so good. Baked using milk protein and oat flour, with added white chocolate chips, Skinny Cookies have a satisfyingly chewy texture. With 25g of protein per cookie, they will contribute to the maintenance, growth and repair of muscle. Skinny Cookies are suitable for anyone aiming to keep their diet in check, whilst still being able to satisfy their sweet tooth. In a range of delicious flavours, you’ll never be able to look at the standard supermarket option again. Learn More
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  5. Grenade Carb Killa Bars 12 x 60g HIGH PROTEIN BAR

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €29.99

    Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars Carb Killa is made using a specially selected baking process for exceptional taste resulting in a softer, crunchier texture. Carb Killa® is high in complete proteins, low in impact carbs and loaded with tons of fibre. Carb Killa® is available in two flavours, Caramel Chaos and Cookies & Cream, each made up from delicious triple layers, filled with crunchy 'crispies' all coated in milk chocolate. With low sugar and low calories, this bar really is the perfect high-protein low-carb snack. Learn More
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  7. Fulfil Protein Bars with Vitamins 15 x 60g

    Regular Price: €39.99

    Special Price €34.99

    Fulfil are delighted to announce the launch of the worlds first vitamin and protein bar FULFIL, a bar with benefits. FULFIL is the only protein bar that contains a full multivitamin spectrum, tastes great and keeps you full. 20g protein 9 Daily Vitamins 2g – 3g Sugar (depending on flavour) 3.9g – 8.8g Fat (depending on flavour) High Fibre 10g – 11g Carbohydrates (depending on flavour) Gluten Free Our bars offers you all these benefits while fulfilling your craving for something sweet Learn More
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  9. Nutramino Lean Protein Bars 16 x 60 grams

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €39.99

    High protein - low in sugar - great taste. We have reformulated the original Nutramino LEAN protein bars, so they now have an even better protein composition containing whey protein isolate. Taste and texture are significantly improved, so we now have five new bars that bring the flavor to a new and even higher level. Learn More
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  11. Nutramino, Protein Bar 16 x 64g Coconut

    Regular Price: €49.99

    Special Price €44.99

    Nutramino protein bar Coconut, tastes just like a Bounty Bar, but better!

    It’s a completely new type of protein bar that Nutramino developed for those who need something new and exciting in terms of protein for your training and recovery. You get 21g of proteins that your body needs after training and at the same time a totally unique taste and texture. It’s a delicious combination of grated coconut and chocolate without compromising the protein content.

    Nutritional Information
    Sering Size: 1 Bar (66g)
    Servings Per Container: 16

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  13. Lenny & Larry's, The Complete Cookie x 12

    Regular Price: €39.99

    Special Price €32.99

    The All Natural Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie has been a crowd pleaser since the day we set up shop. This classic, great tasting Vegan cookie has no animal products, no dairy products and no preservatives. With 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 0 grams of trans fat and 0 grams of cholesterol, you can see why The Complete Cookie is the perfect, healthy snack. Learn More
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  15. Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bars x 12

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €27.99

    Quest protein bars are very low carb with high protein, high fiber, no trans fats, and very few ingredients. Learn More
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