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The company Mad Max Sportswear Company was founded in January 1999 as a firm focused on sportswear, accessories and other equipment for athletes. The main production program happened that sportswear for bodybuilding and fitness - the area in which we have long moved and which we have been an active part. Most supplements and exercise equipment are taken only as a supplement range. Comprised only 3 models for fitness training gloves, belts models 2 and 3 models of gloves per box. When we introduced the first samples of gloves and belts to our friends, we were very pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm. Over a relatively short period of us, some of them began to persuade us to expand the range of products more and more, and started with the development of new models that meet their requirements and that the market is missing. So we focused primarily on gloves, belts and other accessories for fitness training.

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  1. MadMax Lat Hooks

    Regular Price: €21.90

    Special Price €17.90

    The Mad Max metallic lat-hooks are designed for strengthening the grip on heavy tensile exercises and for exercises of abdominal muscles in hanging position on horizontal bar. The hooks are maximally suitable for exercises of the back, straightening up the body, back of thighs, exercises of abdomen. Learn More
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  3. MadMax Elbow Support Medium

    Regular Price: €17.99

    Special Price €14.99

    MadMax Elbow Support Medium The bandages are made of the highest quality 3 mm wide neoprene. This provides highly efficient reinforcement and helps to maintain heat on the body. They warm the injured area and increase blood circulation in the affected area. Maintenance of temperature and simultaneous compression reduce the risk of muscle extension and tearing during sport or other physical loads. Increased blood circulation supports the body's natural self-healing processes, reduces pain, oedema and stiffness and helps to accelerate recovery from injury. Learn More
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  5. MadMax Weight Lifting Belt SANDWICH Black

    Regular Price: €30.99

    Special Price €24.99

    This belt is determined for starting and moderate advanced gymnasts (men and women) who need a belt with long life cycle and high utility value for fantastic price. The upper layer is made from first-quality leather. The belt's heart is made from grinded and pressed leather waste. The inside part of belt is made from fine leather equipped with anatomical stuffing which ensures perfect adhesion in whole field of loin backbone as well as very pleasurable exercising when using this belt. The long life cycle of this belt is ensured by double stitching with raw thread permitting high solidity on whole perimeter of the belt. Stopper: The belt is closed by two pins and is equipped by leather ring to ensure its free end. 100% leather Learn More
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