Silvia is in her early 30s and has just started competing last year. She came Ist place in her last competition. She eats a very strict diet as she is trying to be as Lean as possible while maintaining muscle. She trains twice a day.

During training sessions &during the day Silvia drinks 3-5l of water, “drinking water is a bit boring so I use scivation extend to fuel my body”( no sugar, no carbs, no fat).I also drink Koh Coconut water very tasty and 100% natural.


6:30am Pre-workout drink followed by Cardio 60mins


2.00pm Pre-workout drink Weights 1- 1 1/2 hours .followed by isolate whey protein ( no carbs, no sugar, no fat)


Silvia eats every 3hours.

“I weigh every meal as I count my intake of calories/carbs/protein. Etc” “At the moment I'm eating only turkey and white fish( cod is my favourite) for protein.For carbohydrates I eat sweet potato ,oats, basmati brown rice”.



1. Meal Breakfast 7egg whites/1yolk and 40/50g porridge & water .Black coffee

2. Meal is turkey & brown basmati rice.

3. Meal would be protein / carbs and big salad - only green veg no dressing.

4. Meal would be same then about protein/ carbs veg ..

5. Meal would be same then about protein/ carbs veg ..

6. protein only with some veg or egg white with cinnamon as pancake


“I don't use salt or spices at all for cooking only herbs so my food is pretty tastless .I don't consume any sugar, so I am avoiding all fruit at the moment this is only for a few weeks )My only fat intake is in the form of  UDOs oil.”  When I can eat treats I love the waldenfarms range.