UN Sports Nutrition are proud to offer the Pandora Light experience! Brainwave entrainment that give countless possibilities as a creative outlet, stress reduction and personal development.

Now available in store (Dun Laoghaire) by appointment only. Contact email lightmachine@unsportsnutrition.ie for information and bookings.

Introducing PandoraStar the stroboscopic Neuro-stimulating light device...

Through its unique sequencing and control of stroboscopic light PandoraStar readily guides one to an altered state of consciousness, creating unprecedented meditative focus through frequency entrainment (tuning to a frequency) of the mind, enabling enhanced personal exploration of consciousness and of one’s inner-self. 

Observed by the explorer (through closed eye lids) PandoraStar can produce a unique source of “visible” frequency entrainment for deep meditative focus of the mind, or can take one on an unimaginable journey through self-created Hallucinogenic imagery “personal art” of indescribable pattern and beauty, creating a deep sense of oneness and relaxation “The PandoraStar Effect”.

For conscious exploration PandoraStar through its limitless sequencing enables one to rapidly articulate “cyclic” frequency entrainment (with awareness cues) to benefit multi-sleep-cycle guidance into the borderline state, facilitating full use of one’s sleep routine each night.

Equally, if all you need is an energy recharge at the end of a long day or sustained guidance to deep sleep then PandoraStar can readily help with this too.

•    Enhanced meditative focus into deep trance
•    Fast reliable brainwave entrainment
•    Energy recharge
•    Sleep aid
•    Brain training (neuroplasticity)
•    Access any frequency state