Who doesn't love a treat from time to time? This recipe is perfect for anyone who loves peanut butter and is not great at baking. The whole process should only take about 30 mins and you can enjoy your no bake protein balls instantly, without waiting for them to set or cool. 





Mix the oats and protein powder in a blender or food processor. Add peanut butter and pulse until it is evenly spread across the oats. If neccesary you can add more peanut butter at this point if it looks too dry. 

Add the honey and vanilla and mix again. 

The mixture should be a little sticky now. Scoop it out and begin rolling into balls with your hands. Make 16 in total. 

Avoid keeping the protein balls in the fridge as they may dry out, instead keep them in an air tight container in a press or on the counter. 

These protein balls make a great snack, very delicious and clean! You can play around with the recipe and add coconut shavings or dark chocolate chips depending on your personal taste. You also have the option of adding Chia seeds or Flax seeds.