Smoothies and juices have never been so popular. Whether you are making smoothies to replace a meal, or to have as a snack, these drinks are protein packed, easy to make and great for life on the go.

Stick to these simple guidelines and get the right balance of flavor and nutrients in your smoothie everytime.


cup of greens:

Spinach // Kale // Romaine Lettuce 

2 cups of fruit (max):

Banana // Mango // Peaches // Blueberries // Pineapple // Strawberries // Apples // Raspberries

1 cup of liquid:

Fresh fruit juice // Coconut water// Coconut milk // Almond milk // Water

100g Yogurt:

Greek Yogurt // Natural Yogurt

Protein Powder:

This comes down to a personal preference of flavour, I personally use UN Sports Nutrition Strawberry, but you can see all flavours avaiable here.


For added nutrients, calories or flavor, depending on your goals you can also add the following:

Chia seeds// Coconut shavings // Flax seeds // Natural nut butters // Raw Honey


UN Sports Nutrition have all of your favouirte supplements online and instore.  

What are your favourite recipes? Comment below.