To some people that comment makes perfect sense, while to others it makes their head hurt, I'm definitely one of the latter and in this brief little post I will explain why.

I will start by briefly listing some of the benefits of a 'moderate/high fat diet':

1) Fats will help keep your blood sugar steady, when your blood sugar is elevated, your pancreas will produce a hormone known as insulin which is essentially a storage hormone and can lead to storing foods as body fat.

2) Fats have been proven to increase the free testosterone in males and females (don't worry, it's not significant enough to make you 'too big' but we will get to that in a later blog). An increase in free testosterone means the testosterone which can actually be used to increase lean muscle mass is increased and as a direct result of that it leads to a higher base metabolic rate which will make getting lean easier.

3) Fats will help keep you full for longer. A lot of people believe they need carbohydrates to start the day for energy, your body is very efficient and starting the day with fats and protein has been proven to help set the body up to access fat stores and use them as energy (burn fat) throughout the day. It also

The best time for fats in my opinion is anytime except for in your post workout window, for me personally I start the day with high fats for my first 3 meals and then workout and will avoid them with my shake and next 2 meals as these are usually high carb meals and my last meal before bed will usually be another low carb high fat meal. The reason you don't want fats very soon after your workout is they keep your blood sugar (and in turn insulin levels) lower and one of the main reasons we train is to manipulate our insulin sensitivity, so in short you want your hormones all spiked up post workout so try fitting the bulk of your carbohydrates in this window and avoid fats.

When a person is trying to improve their body composition with a limited knowledge of nutrition a common approach by them is to cut out or cut down on as many fats as possible. When a product is marketed as low fat it usually has high sugar which will have far worse of an effect on your body composition than fats.

The best sources of fats for me are definitely egg yolks, nuts such as almonds or cashews and Brazil nuts, obviously Nut butters but be sure to get one with no added sugar such as Justin's nut butters Fish is a great source of fats along with avocado, grass fed butter, olive oil and coconut oil and let's not forget omega 3 fish oils.

2 omega 3 fish oils taken with all my meals except maybe 2 hours after training is a great way to get lean. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that we cannot get from our diets so it's important to supplement with it for all the reasons listed about (and about 99 others) be sure to check out the EPA and DHA content of the fishoil, Now Foods and Optimum Nutrition both have good quality omega 3s.

Lastly a word of warning, when buying fats such as nut butters or nuts even be aware that a fat has 9 calories per gram of weight so those calories can quickly add up, I don't suggest counting nuts individually but use fats as a weapon to improve your body composition and learn what a good serving is. For me it's usually 2-4 egg yolks, a small handful or nuts, half an avocado or a teaspoon of oil or butter.