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PHD Nutrition are providers of innovative sports nutrition products that taste superb and deliver great results. The PhD Nutrition product manufacturing plant carries the BRC Global standard food manufacturing award, as accredited by the CMI

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  1. PhD Nutrition Diet Whey 2kg

    Regular Price: €64.99

    Special Price €54.90

    Diet Whey is a high-protein meal with a huge difference; it contains a multitude of potential fat-loss ingredients which may assist with the building of fat-free muscle, without any bulking or excess calorie intake. Learn More
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  3. PhD Nutrition Diet Whey 1kg

    Regular Price: €44.99

    Special Price €33.20

    PhD – PhD Diet Whey Diet Whey is one of the industry leading, high protein, low sugar, diet and slimming formulas for weight control. Containing a plethora of added ingredients that are used extensively in a variety of weight loss formulas on the market. Diet Whey is ideal for men and women following a weight management nutritional plan looking to lose body fat and control calorie intake. Containing 34g of protein per serving (Whey, Soya and Milk proteins), CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, and Flaxseed. This helps to lower cholesterol levels, generate metabolic energy, and create an antioxidant effect. Learn More
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  5. PhD Amino Drive 300g 30 Servings

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €24.99

    Amino Drive® is a great tasting Amino Acid drink, with added Caffeine that can be used as an all day, anytime energy drink to help fuel your performance goals. Containing 7.9g of a performance-driven Amino Acid blend with added Vitamin C, Amino Drive® is a great alternative to Coffee or Tea for those looking for a high protein, caffeine hit to lift energy levels whilst still following a tailored nutritional plan. Formulated for the performance-driven, Amino Drive contains all 9 essential amino acids, has only 59 calories per serving and tastes great. Learn More
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  7. PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT 2.27Kg

    Regular Price: €64.99

    Special Price €54.97

    PhD Pharma Whey is one of the nation Learn More
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  9. PHD Bundle Diet Whey 1kg + Lean Degree + Shaker

    As low as: €55.99

    Get this fantastic PHD Bundle while stocks last This Bundle includes: PhD Diet whey 1kg PhD Lean Degree FatBurner Phd Mix ball Protein Shaker Learn More
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  11. PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol 2kg

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €21.99

    PhD Nutrition's Waxy Vol is the new revolution in slow-burning, Low GI, healthy and effective carbohydrates. What is PhD Waxy Vol™? PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol™ is derived from pure UK barley and provides complex carbohydrates and beta glucan fibre. Waxy Vol™ can be used by athletes from all sports, seeking a pure carbohydrate powder that is low in fat and sugar. It can also be added to your PhD protein shake to create a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio. Learn More
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  13. PhD Nutrition Casein Peptide Plus, 900g

    Regular Price: €39.99

    Special Price €31.99

    Casein Peptide+ is a unique, high quality Casein-based protein formula with added Leucine and Glutamine Peptides, that provides a great tasting, premium protein shake. Learn More
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