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  1. Amino Smart Amino Edge 30 Serving

    Amino Edge™ contains all 9 essential amino acids necessary to maximise recovery and build muscle, plus 1 extremely important non-essential amino acids (Glutamine) sometimes known as a conditional non-essential amino acid. These 9 essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, they must be consumed. Essential amino acids are the “building blocks” of the body and are absolutely crucial to your body if you want to reach your maximum fitness and athletic potential. Learn More
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  3. Kinetica BCAA Hydro Fuel 450g

    Regular Price: €34.99

    Special Price €29.99

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They make up 1/3 of muscle tissue. BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) are essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and so it's necessary to consume them through food or supplementation. Unlike other amino acids they are metabolised in the muscle instead of the liver so the muscle can quickly utilise them as fuel when training. Learn More
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  5. MYPROTEIN Dextrose 2.5kg Unflavoured

    Regular Price: €13.95

    Special Price €10.95

    What is Dextrose? Dextrose, also known as a glucose or corn sugar, is a sweet tasting carbohydrate that rates very highly on the Glycemic Index (GI). What are the Benefits of Dextrose? Dextrose raises blood sugar levels and can be ideal for anyone looking for a quick increase in energy levels. Learn More
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  7. Amino Smart Xcell Bcaa 40 Serving

    Regular Price: €29.99

    Special Price €24.99

    From extreme endurance athletes such as long distance runners to the most explosive athletes on earth such as record breaking Olympic lifters and every athletic sport in between, everyone who takes high quality BCAAs will see the benefits. Use AMINO SMART XCELL™ today to maximise the recovery of your next workout. MINO SMART XCELL™ BCAAs is a PRE-INTRA-POST workout drink that contains extremely potent concentrations of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) in the original 2:1:1 ratio and herbal adaptogen rhodiola extract. XCELL™ also contains a unique electrolyte replacement blend to aid in hydration. Learn More
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  9. HIGH 5 Energy Drink Caffeine Hit 12x47g sachets Citrus Flavour

    Regular Price: €24.99

    Special Price €19.99

    Energy Drink Caffeine Hit is intended as a one-time caffeine dose. When taking part in tough sports events, caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity. That means you can go further than before! Learn More
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  11. Biotech USA Liquid Amino 1000ml

    Regular Price: €24.99

    Special Price €17.99

    A single serving of Liquid Amino delivers 12 grams of pure amino acid from both hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein hydrolysate. Like all BioTechUSA products, Liquid Amino consists of safe, carefully selected nutrients. No Aminos Left Out This advanced liquid amino collection was formulated using branched-chain (BCAA), peptide-bonded and free amino acids. Liquid Amino contains all essential, conditionally essential and non-essential amino acids. Learn More
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  13. Animal Fury 480g

    Regular Price: €39.99

    Special Price €34.99

    Bring the pain. The further you advance in this lifestyle, you start to realize what is truly necessary. To grow bigger and stronger consistently, you have to be willing to go to lengths others wouldn’t dare. To stimulate new growth and transcend your physical limitations you have to push through on the heaviest and hardest sets, and learn to embrace the pain. You learn to love the pain of your muscles straining and burning, because you’ve come to understand, that is how you grow. To bring about new development, you must grow comfortable with being uncomfortable… You’ve gotta embrace the pain. Learn More
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  15. Kinetica Effervescent Electro-C x 15 Tablets

    Regular Price: €8.99

    Special Price €5.99

    Electro-C effervescent tablets provide a super convenient and tasty way to absorb key electrolytes during training and competition. Electrolytes are electrically charged particles formed by mineral salts which are dissolved by fluids. Athletes can lose salts through sweat so it is important to replenish electrolyte levels to help maintain hydration and minimise muscle cramps associated with salt imbalance in the body. Learn More
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    Regular Price: €37.99

    Special Price €35.99

    Provides 6g of BCAAs per daily dose. Contains L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. With plants extracts. Learn More
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  19. Kinetica 100% Recovery 1.5kg

    Regular Price: €49.99

    Special Price €44.99

    As low as: €40.50
    Kinetica 100% Recovery 1.5kg 100% Recovery is the ideal 2:1 (Carb:Protein) post workout formula containing a tri-carb blend and the highest quality proteins and vitamins. Consume within 20 mins. of intense exercise and training for best results Learn More
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