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Smart Shake

SmartShake started life back in 2009 as a solution for gym users and bodybuilders, offering them a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry and prepare protein powders and shakes. Over the years the company and its product range have evolved to meet the needs of anyone living an active lifestyle.

SmartShake Original was awarded the prize for best product in the Fitness and Health category at ISPO 2015/16 – one of the biggest sporting goods events in the world.

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  1. Smart Shake Lite 1000ml

    Regular Price: €11.95

    Special Price €9.95

    Smart shake lite camo edition is a wonderful and practical utensil, which will allow you to instantly prepare all your drinks, smoothies and nutritious meringues, without the need for electrical appliances. It has internal mixer, nozzle with anti-spill plug and a new and colorful design, so you are always in style. Learn More
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  3. Smartshake 600ml Neon Limited Edition

    Regular Price: €14.99

    Special Price €9.99

    Advanced anti-leak technology makes the cap and lid safe for hot and cold drinks. Learn More
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